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It's unanimous! Active Health is the best!

One day at work an email came through to the administrative assistants of the Arts & Letters College at Notre Dame asking if anyone knew of a good chiropractor because the Dean of the College needed one. (The Dean ultimately oversees all employees of the College.) I immediately picked up the phone and called to let them know about "the most wonderful chiropractic office", not wanting him to go anywhere else. The Dean's assistant said, "Are you sure? I've got 4 others telling me they know the best place too." I said "Well, only if they're all telling you Active Health and Wellness Center." It turns out that within five minutes of the email request for the best Chiropractic office, five people rushed to let them know to go to Active Health and Wellness. I don't think he could have gotten a better recommendation for a place than that.

We have a new Dr.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Matthew Blackmon has joined the Active Health & Wellness Team. Click here to learn more


After 8 weeks I am 95% recovered and I am extremely grateful for Dr. Lisa Meyers outstanding care.

- Wanda S.

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